Timeout.com – New York to welcome first new working harbor in a generation

New skyscrapers, restaurants and coffee shops pop up around the city pretty much every day. New harbors, not so much. Few people realize that NYC has 520 miles of coastline, which is longer than the coastlines of Miami, Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco combined. But, with limited waterfront property that’s virtually been snatched up since the 18th century, it’s nearly impossible that we could be welcoming a new marina to our already condensed waterways. Well, say hello to ONE°15 Brooklyn Marina, soon to be located in the heart of Brooklyn Bridge Park between Piers 4 and 5.

“What we are seeing in New York is the city’s memory of our waterfront being reawakened,” Marina General Manager, Tim O’Brien, tells Time Out New York. “Many new properties are being built on the waterfront in Brooklyn as well as other parts of the city, and waterfront parks are seeing popularity far beyond what planners anticipated. But that being said, there really are no new places constructed in the last generation where people can come down to the water, get on the boat and go on an excursion in New York Harbor.”

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