Taste-of-Sailing / Harbor Cruise

  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Location: Brooklyn Bridge Park, New York
  • Cost: $725 for private groups of 2 to 4 people

Great for people who have no sailing or boating knowledge AND experienced sailors who want a quick sail adventure around New York Harbor.

Description – Taste of Sailing (3 hours)

The 3-hour Taste-of-Sailing is designed to get you involved in learning the
basics of sailing without classroom sessions or certification. Depending on weather conditions and the learning pace of all in your class (maximum five crew per boat the following knowledge and skills will be described and practiced:

  • What to wear
  • Basic sailing terms
  • Being part of the crew
  • Preparing and leaving a dock
  • Finding the wind direction
  • Adjusting sails to use the wind
  • Steering to make a sailboat go where you want it to go
  • Preparing and returning to a dock
  • De-rigging and cleaning up the boat

Instructional time: 2.5 hours practical + 0.5 hours of on shore briefings. Sail as much or as little as you want

Prerequisites: No prior sailing experience required

Join for a drink afterwards at our marina restaurant, Estuary at ONE15.

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