Land8 – NYC’s First New Marina in Over 50 Years Opens in Brooklyn Heights

April 26, 2019

As the first new marina on the New York Harbor in over 50 years, ONE°15 Brooklyn, opening at full capacity May 1, is a multi-million-dollar project involving massive infrastructure work. Altogether, ONE°15, located between former shipping piers, has singlehandedly reminded New Yorkers that its boroughs’ waterfront, traditionally zoned for a clustering of logistics and storage facilities, can be accessed and enjoyed.


NYNJ – NYC’s First New Marina in Over 50 Years Opens in Brooklyn Heights

April 26, 2019

New York City is rediscovering its waterfront roots – thanks in part to an 8-acre marina that has taken shape at the mouth of the East River, between Piers 4 and 5 at Brooklyn Bridge Park – ONE°15 Brooklyn Marina.

As the first new marina on the New York Harbor in over 50 years, ONE°15 Brooklyn, opening at full capacity May 1, is a multi-million-dollar project involving massive infrastructure work.


Get Ready for Spring Sailing


It may not feel like it but sailing season is about to begin. For those who haven’t been lucky enough to sail during the winter season (frostbiting or sailing in the Caribbean) here are some tips to get yourselves ready for the season.

Spring Sailing Check List

  1. Inflatable PFD check. It’s time to check your firing mechanism. Some mechanisms require periodic replacements. Also consider manually inflating the jacket and check to see if it holds air overnight. Check batteries in lights or other battery operated devices in your PFD. Check whistle on PFD. Even if you have a non-inflatable PFD – its good to give it a thorough check.
  2. Sailing shoes and boots. Check soles for adequate traction on slippery decks. Also check for fraying shoe laces that may not survive the upcoming season of sailing. US Sailing membership benefits include a 25% discount for Sperry shoes.
  3. Sailing jacket and pants. Check for tears, leaks and mildew. Empty pockets. Lubricate zippers if required.
  4. Spring sailing gear. Dust off any cold weather gear such as watch caps, warm base layers, socks and layering.
  5. Sunglasses. Clean lenses, tighten arms with a jeweler’s screwdriver. Check eye straps.
  6. Water bottle. Clean out.
  7. Rigging knife. Clean, lubricate and sharpen. Check securing lanyard.
  8. Sailing gloves. Do you need replacements?
  9. Sailing bag. Check for tears, leaks and mildew. Lubricate zippers.
  10. Check sailing watch and spare tape.
  11. If you have a VHF radio, check out the battery and its ability to take and hold its charge. Recheck programmed channels, volume and squelch levels. Check securing lanyard. Please note that Weather Station WX01 (KW035 is out of service) for the New York Harbor area. (
  12. If you haven’t done it over the winter, you should start your fitness program. Getting fit and do some stretching exercises on a regular basis.

Be safe and stay warm.

Director of Sailing Operations

US Sailing Basic Keelboat Certification

Nussailing_logo_cmykow offering US Sailing Basic Keelboat Certification.  Take the weekend Fundamentals of Sailing course and get certified. Offer is also open to students who have already taken the weekend course.

STEPHEN YIP, Executive Director of Sailing

Stephen has over 20 years of experience as a sailing instructor as well as inshore and offshore racing and cruising sailing experience. Stephen began his sailing career with a community sailing program on a small fresh water reservoir in Calgary, Alberta. Through the generosity and goodwill of other sailors, Stephen has accumulated a wealth of racing and cruising experience from sailing in different venues around the world in variety of different boats. Since its inception, he has served as the Director of Sailing Operations for ONE°15 Brooklyn Sailing Club. He is a RYA Offshore Yachtmaster, a USCG licensed captain and is acertified instructor with US Sailing and the American Sailing Association. In his spare time, he continues to race competitively, run bareboat charters and delivers boats in his spare time.

Corporate Events

ONE°15 Brooklyn Sail Club is pleased to offer corporate sailing programs that can help your organization:

  • Build communication skills
  • Hone leadership skills
  • Increasing bonding and camaraderie
  • Reward employees for their contributions

Special Events

  • We can design custom programs for your events
  • Use events for team building, especially racing, to build team confidence and help members work together
  • Programs can include cruising around NY Harbor or organized races and catered post sailing activities
  • Discounts for sailing school courses for participants

Why Sailing?

  • A true team sport that can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities – everyone gets involved no experience is necessary
  • Highly focused activity without outside distractions –NY Harbor on a boat
  • Perfect for team building – improves communication skills – working together to help the boat move fast in the right direction
  • Learning to be adaptable – sailing conditions change all the time just like business. Improves problem solving skills and team coordination improve performance.

The Activity

  • Participants will learn to trim sails as the boat changes direction or wind conditions change
  • Under expert direction, team members will co-ordinate their actions for sailing maneuvers like tacking and jibing
  • After initial training, the crews will rotate positions and take turns steering the boat
    Cruise or racing around NY Harbor
  • For the after session, teams can debrief and celebrate their time on the water

Why Brooklyn Sail Club?

  • Access to top-of-line professionally maintained sail boats
  • Programs designed to increase skill and knowledge level of all sailors
  • Sail club/school working integrated with ONE15 Brooklyn Marina
  • Experienced and responsive management
  • Participate in the redevelopment of the Brooklyn maritime community

Contact us for custom pricing.