The Calmest Waters in New York Harbor

Thanks to a state-of-the-art floating dock and wave attenuation system.


A 17′ wide floating concrete breakwater designed by Marinetek will protect the marina resulting in a targeted wave climate of less than 1′ within the marina; the calmest marina environment on New York Harbor.


12′ wide Aluminum-framed floating dock systems by Poralu, state-of-the-art anchorage systems by Seaflex and security gates will create a safe, ADA accessible environment with the ability to withstand Hurricane Sandy level conditions.

Seaflex Anchoring System

Seaflex Anchor FlexPicture1


Floating docks are held in place using a Seaflex anchoring system creating added stability and safety for marina visitors.


Floating Docks

IMG_4235 - CopyIMG_4234
The Brooklyn Marina will be created using a series of Poralu floating docks.

Wave Attenuation


LED Lighting

Portalu Docks


Illuminated docks ensure safety and accessibility even during times of low light.