The Nurse Who Came By Sea

COVID DIARY APR. 23, 2020 New York Magazine

By Laura van Straaten Photographs by Taylor Hartley

Marina personnel welcome the vessel Turning Points to their slip on Sunday, April 12, 2020.

“The city’s boating community is pitching in too. Local sailor Carla Murphy posted about Hartley’s journey in the Facebook group Sailors of New York, and within an hour the recently opened ONE°15 Brooklyn Marina donated dockage for two months (normally more than $11,000) to the Hartleys. The marina restaurant is feeding the Turning Point crew — alongside FEMA-contracted ambulance squads — through its GoFundMe campaign. (Aside from Coast Guard, law enforcement, and emergency boats every now and then, Turning Point is the only vessel in the marina these days.) Other sailors and local companies have donated support and equipment.”

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