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Corporate Racing

Posted on Friday April 26, 2019

Introducing Corporate Racing at ONE15 Brookyn Sail Club. Inviting all corporate teams to come race the J/80s on Wednesday nights. Join the fun and race with our Club member teams.Get a certified racing skipper, bring your team every Wednesday night and have a great time. Entry Fee of ~K (plus tax) for the full racing … Read more…

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Classes We Offer


This 3-hour sailing session includes a basic introduction to sailing and a cruise around New York Harbor. Get a taste of what adventures might come next. Learn more.


This 2-day weekend course covers all the fundamentals to get you started on your sailing journey. After a combination of theory and practical sailing sessions you will have accomplished the first step in developing first-rate sailing skills. Nationally recognized Basic Keelboat Certification from US Sailing is also available. Learn more.

Navigation 1

A 3-hour classroom course is designed for boaters who day sail in the U.S. who want to safely navigate around coastal waterways. Perfect for those who just want to a more a little learn about aids to navigation and reading nautical charts. This a foundation course for Coastal Navigation CertificationLearn more.

Navigation 2

A 3-hour classroom course is designed for those wanting a further introduction to the practical concepts of coastal navigation. Learn about true and magnetic compass readings, nautical fixes and determining tide and currents. It builds on topics covered in Navigation 1 and is a foundation course for Coastal Navigation Certification. Learn more.

Coastal Navigation – US Sailing Certification

This is a two-day over the same weekend course leading to certification in Coastal Navigation by US Sailing. Building on the foundation courses Navigation 1 and Navigation 2, it covers the chart work useful for coastal navigation, navigational strategies and applicable rules of the road. Learn more.

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