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RFP for the Community Dock at ONE15

Posted on Wednesday March 13, 2019

The Bridge Park Community Dock Corporation (“Community Dock”) has issued the RFP for the 2019 season. Check out the link. They are looking for proposals to ultilize the community dock space at ONE15 Brooklyn Marina. We are also making available the ONE15 Brooklyn Sail Club fleet to groups that have the requisite qualifications to skipper the boats and … Read more…

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Classes We Offer


This 3-hour sailing session includes a basic introduction to sailing and a cruise around New York Harbor. Get a taste of what adventures might come next. Learn more.


This 2-day weekend course covers all the fundamentals to get you started on your sailing journey. After a combination of theory and practical sailing sessions you will have accomplished the first step in developing first-rate sailing skills. Nationally recognized Basic Keelboat Certification from US Sailing is also available. Learn more.

Navigation 1

A 3-hour classroom course is designed for boaters who day sail in the U.S. who want to safely navigate around coastal waterways. Perfect for those who just want to a more a little learn about aids to navigation and reading nautical charts. This a foundation course for Coastal Navigation CertificationLearn more.

Navigation 2

A 3-hour classroom course is designed for those wanting a further introduction to the practical concepts of coastal navigation. Learn about true and magnetic compass readings, nautical fixes and determining tide and currents. It builds on topics covered in Navigation 1 and is a foundation course for Coastal Navigation Certification. Learn more.

Coastal Navigation – US Sailing Certification

This is a two-day over the same weekend course leading to certification in Coastal Navigation by US Sailing. Building on the foundation courses Navigation 1 and Navigation 2, it covers the chart work useful for coastal navigation, navigational strategies and applicable rules of the road. Learn more.

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