Discovery Membership

For a limited time ONE15 Brooklyn Sail Club is offering Discovery Membership for 30 days for new members only.

This includes:

  • Full non-sailing membership privileges for the duration of 30 days; including any applicable discounts at the Ebb & Flow Bakery and Estuary Restaurant.
  • A digital copy of ONE15’s Introduction to Sailing Primer
  • One introductory Fleet Captain sail with an experienced member of the Sail Club
  • US Sailing – Basic Keelboat Online course (Normally a $50 value).
  • One full day of mentoring just for Discovery Members after completion of the Basic Keelboat Online.
  • Discovery members are eligible to challenge the US Sailing Basic Keelboat Certification (via online testing) – Normally $50 a charge.

Discovery members can elect to upgrade their Sail Club membership for 12 months at any time within 30 days of their Discovery membership.

  1. Social Membership – Access to facilities – $400
  2. Introductory Membership – One fleet captain cruise sail per month $750  
  3. Full Membership – Unlimited sailing $1,200 or installment payments + service charge

Eligibility: New members only

Cost: One-time Enrollment Fee – $250 + Discovery Membership – $350