Logo2017 Membership Enrollment Forms

The forms are fillable using either Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader for your convenience. A link to download the free version of Adobe Reader is below. The files will need to be saved locally to your computer and can only be viewed using a desktop operating system.

Forms will need to be returned to us so that we can invoice your membership dues.

The forms may be submitted either using the “Submit by E-Mail” button on the bottom of each form, by saving the files and attaching them to an e-mail and sending to Sailclub@one15brooklynmarina.com, or printing the forms out and mailing to 12 Joralemon Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

For us to be able to send out an invoice the form(s) must be completed fully and be signed.  To sign by hand the form will need to be printed out, signed, and either mailed back or scanned & emailed.

To sign using Adobe you will have to use a certificate based signature. A certificate based signature is used to digitally sign secured PDF documents. To sign a document with a certificate-based signature, you must either already have a digital ID or create a self-signed digital ID in either Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader.

Creating a Digital id in Adobe is free, quick, easy and only requires that you supply your name and your email.


Membership Enrollment Form 2017 PDF

Membership Discount Form 2017 PDF



Get Adobe Reader for Desktop OS’s