Green Drinks Brooklyn

A casual gathering of folks who work on or are interested in sustainability issues, programs, services and products

Is your work related to the environment or sustainability? Are you interested in sustainability or environmental issues. Do you want to meet some like minded folks and share your thoughts and passion. Come down to Estuary at ONE°15 Brooklyn Marina for Happy Hour drinks. We’ll have a few folks introduce themselves and their work.

Tell anyone from NGOs, academia, government, business or anyone interested in the environment/green and ask them to bring a friend!

Part of Green Drinks International

Previous guests speakers at Green Drinks events:

Ramon Cruz, Sierra Club
Richard Andersen, Bloom Again Brooklyn
Jonathan Rodriguez, Executive Chef, Estuary @ ONE15 Brooklyn

North Lennox, Greenbanc
TR Ludwig, Gaelen Mckee – Brooklynsolarworks

Sugar and SPACE
Bowery Farming
Julia Sanguinetti

North Sails Apparel
Joshua Spodek
Food for All – Sabine Valenga

Sierra Club
Aqua Super Power
SLOCAT Partnership

Lowtech Labs

Bridget Carle, Swiss Re:
Annika Connor, Artist/Actor
Erin Beasley, Ecosystem Restoration Camps
Josh Whiton,

Olivia Fielding, Perry World House
Aaron Baltich-Schecter, Equinor, East Coast Wind Power
Clare Miflin, Center for Zero Waste Design

Susana Vidal, Shift Sustainability (Shift Innova)
Karl Palmquist, (Microplastics)
Kate Sundberg & Robin Moulton, Curbside Composting in NYC

Gordon Kingsley, Credit Agricole CIB, Sustainability-linked Bond offerings,

Michelle Li, Clevercarbon
Noah Mihan, The Creature Hero Foundation
Ed Tiedge, Copalli Rum

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