Fundamentals of Sailing


The two-day weekend course is designed for those who want a thorough introduction to the exciting sport of sailing. We follow the US Sailing Curriculum and you can obtain US Sailing Keelboat Certification (at additional cost). Graduates will have a good understanding of all the basics and with additional practice will become competent crew members.

This program has been redesigned and is now offered as the Discovery Level Membership by the ONE15 Brooklyn Sail Club over two weekend sessions.

Pre-requisites: A high interest in learning to sail and no prior experience needed.

Course Materials Included: Basic Keelboat Sailing, 4th Edition, US Sailing.

Instructional time: 15.0 hours practical + 3.0 hours of shore briefings

Certifications: ONE°15 Brooklyn Sail Club Certification included with the class and an option to obtain US Sailing Basic Keelboat Certification for an additional fee.

Additional Benefits: Complimentary basic breakfast offered for the weekend class.


$600.00 (non-taxable) – Per person for the two-day weekend session.

$50.00 (taxable) – Per person for the US Sailing Keelboat Certification.

Alternative:  Discovery Membership at ONE15 Brooklyn Sail Club:

Course Topics

  • Fundamental sailing terms
  • Practice fundamental knots
  • Being part of the crew
  • Rigging the boat
  • Finding the wind direction
  • Setting sails
  • Sail trim based on direction
  • Tacking & gybing, heaving-to
  • Overboard recovery techniques
  • Basic navigation rules
  • Returning to a dock
  • De-rigging and cleaning up the boat

US Sailing Basic Keelboat Certification offered